Neurology care...

At NeuroView, we’re delivering faster and more accessible neurological care through the integration of AI and telemedicine.

The Problem

Someone you know is at risk for stroke…

in fact 65 million Americans are.

Stroke remains the #1 cause of disability and the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide despite effective therapies that can prevent and treat the disease.


Patients often fail to recognize warning signs or symptoms and later have a major stroke that could have been prevented had they sought care earlier

The Solution

Automated interpretation of symptoms in the palm of your hand

We help patients better understand what their symptoms mean, and more importantly, what to do about them. We use the power of AI to give patients on-demand, expert-level assessments through their smartphone.

The Product

A virtual space for education, prevention, and diagnosis of stroke

NeuroView’s stroke clinic provides actionable information and potentially life-saving access to stroke neurologists at the time when patients need it the most.


Our platform can prevent stroke, improve time to stroke treatment, and provide much needed reassurance to concerned patients.

Educating Patients

By providing actionable information about stroke symptoms and personalized counseling on stroke risk factors management​

Preventing Stroke

By flagging warning signs of future stroke and connecting patients with tele-doctors who recommend additional work-up and changes in stroke prevention therapy​

Diagnosing Stroke

By quickly screening for stroke and escalating to a tele-neurologist, when appropriate, for formal diagnosis and emergency triage​

The Team


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