The Problem

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide.

With one out of every five cases being missed in the ED and a 35% false positive rate for EMS stroke alerts in the field, recognition and diagnosis of stroke remains a major challenge.

Delays in detection and treatment can lead to increased long-term disability.


In today’s increasingly connected world, we see no reason why patients shouldn’t have access to expert care even when having physical access to specialists is difficult or physicians’ time is scarce.


To address this, we leverage advances in deep learning and computer vision to bring neurological expertise closer to the patient at a time when they need it the most.


First responders and emergency providers will now have access to on-demand neurological expertise to improve detection of stroke and get patients treated appropriately.

Our Solution

Reimagining Neurological Care

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The Product

We are developing a system to quickly and accurately evaluate neurological patients without requiring specialized training or equipment.

Given a camera feed from a webcam or phone, our algorithms will observe a standard neurological examination and detect signs of disease.

Our system provides meaningful, objective feedback, helping physicians and first responders make informed decisions.

Our Team

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Omar Uribe, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Mark McDonald, MD, MS

Chief Scientific Officer

Yan Zhuang

Lead Engineer

Gustavo Rohde, PhD

SAB - Engineering Advisor

Andrew Southerland, MD, MSc

SAB - Clinical Advisor

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