Automated Detection of Stroke Signs

We equip healthcare providers with state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms that improve the evaluation and diagnosis of neurological disorders.

The Problem

Neurological Condition Diagnosis

Interpretation of the neurological exam can vary based on the examiner’s experience and training. In the case of stroke, this ambiguity can lead providers to miss a stroke resulting in long-term disability or death for the patient

The Solution

AI Meets Healthcare

By using computer vision to track body movements and machine learning to recognize patterns common in stroke, we unleash the power of AI to provide a reliable and objective means to evaluate patients. 

The Product

AI Based Stroke Screening Tool

We are developing the first AI-tool capable of interpreting clinical findings. Our software uses video data from cellphone cameras to detect signs of stroke and get the patient to treatment faster.


Examine patients with objective measures instead of human vision.


Use artificial intelligence to interpret findings with maximum accuracy.


Get immediate, unbiased, and reproducible diagnoses, no specialized equipment required.

The Team

Omar Uribe

Co-founder & CEO

Mark McDonald

Co-founder & Chief Scientic Officer

Andy Southerland

Co-founder & Clinical Advisor

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