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The Problem

Despite 80% of strokes being preventable, stroke remains the #1 cause of disability

Stroke experts are in short supply, so they are not a part of regular preventative care for the millions of people at risk of stroke.

This places the burden on the patient to recognize warning signs of stroke, which are often missed.

The Solution

making regular, expert level preventative care accessible to every patient 

Our Virtual Clinic functions like your personal stroke neurologist to:

  • Review your risk factors and current risk reduction strategies
  • Analyze your symptoms to identify warning signs of future stroke
  • And provide a customized action plan to reduce  the risk of stroke

The Product

An AI-powered digital platform for effective stroke prevention

Our platform helps to protect you by using intelligent algorithms to monitor your health and screen for conditions to lead to stroke.  When necessary, our platform will connect you with a teleneurologist so you can receive the care you need quickly.

Welcome to the next generation of specialty care

The Team

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